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 CARE Experience I

  1. The CARE Experience Assessments This customized one-hour one-on-one experience lets you discover your personal and professional ways of communicating that lead to more success, well-being and joy.

  2. Start with a communication assessment. You will learn the 7 ways you communicate and then be able to discover how to tap into those areas.

  3. Learn about creating the messages that bring your authentic confidence forward in every interaction you have, whether personal or professional.

  • Service $350

Aging Parent Support

Working with Families to help with communication and impact the well-being of families in times of challenges

Care Experience I &II

  1. Two distinct CARE Experience Building Blocks, similar to the assessment; will shed light on the current and future.

  2. We will then schedule a 90-minute one-on-one session.

  3. Following our discussion, you will receive one customized pieces that incorporate elements of reflection, mindfulness, and meditation.           Service $450


The 2022 Fall Retreat was a successful experince for 10 individuals. 

Fall of 2023 next retreat planned

Customized Meditations


For those who need to focus on a certain type of meditation for an health challenges, event or course.

For individuals who want to work on a certain area of meditation or reflection.

Custom Pricing 


Coming In the Near Future


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