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About Me

Elaine Pardi RN  strongly believes in the power of human connection through empathy and compassion. She views relationships with self and others as being instrumental in the process of healing and growth

In her work as a Life Journey Mentor, she brings a collaborative, warm, and authentic approach to help provide nurture and hope to ongoing positive change

What's most important to me in all of my work is creating a warm and non-judgmental environment for self-reflection, authentic connection, and insights that lead to growth. 

When people focus on their mindset about the past present and future it allows for a healthy relationship to happen inside themselves. That is what lead me to develop the CARE Experience so that people could find a happier and healthier professional and personal life journey. 

Elaine adores all animals and especially enjoys spending leisure time with her dog, Teddy and Co-Founded Animals Connect Everyone a group that organizes awareness campaigns related to animals and their impact on us. . She can be found engaging creatively with cooking, painting, and photography.

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